Caramalised Fig & Roasted Almond

“Keep it simple stupid!”

Sometimes you can have a really good idea for a new flavor but when you start creating test batches, it just doesn’t work out like you had imagined. You might reduce an ingredient ratio, perhaps add another ingredient, tweak this equipment setting, change that ingredient and after a whole lot of work you are back to where you started. We would ask Ross for advice and being an ex-soldier, the reply was always the same; “KISS-Keep It Simple Stupid!”

So this flavor is a tribute to said simplicity.

We have used almonds extensively in our history, dating back to original owner Tony’s days twenty years ago. Roasted Almond is a gelato that has a lovely mellow-sweet taste and dense texture. We have infused a caramelized fig pulp into the mix just before it enters the batch machine. You could almost say this flavor has been waiting for us to make it.

When we ran sample testing we noticed a lot of empty cups, which is always a good sign. We hope you enjoy it as much as our gelati jury did in testing.