Gelato vs Ice Cream

gelato-vs-ice-creamWhat’s the difference between Gelato and Ice cream? ¬†When customers taste our Gelato Bello Authentic Italian Ice Cream they usually notice two big differences to regular Australian ice cream:

  • The smooth creamy texture
  • The intensity of flavours

They often ask, ‘What is gelati? What is the difference to ice cream?’

What are the main differences between gelato and ice cream?

The first difference is fat content.Regular ice cream has a higher fat content, generally greater than 10% fat.Whereas gelato is made from a greater proportion of whole milk to cream, so it contains only 5 to 7% fat. Gelato is a slow food. Another big difference is that gelato is churned at a slower speed. This means less air is whipped into the frozen mix.

Gelato contains around 25% air vs ice cream up to 50% air.

The final difference is that ice cream is completely frozen while gelato is a little softer. So, when you combine these differences, you notice it in your mouth.

Less air, softer texture and less fat results in gelato having a much creamier texture than ice cream, and delivering more flavour.

You will find the flavours released in the mouth from gelato are far more intense than ice cream because they are not masked by fat. BONUS TIP: Of course Gelato Bello is also made the authentic Italian way which means it is much creamier and full of more flavour than many other gelati on the market.