Gelati Cakes

You begin your journey into the world of delicious gelati cakes by choosing your flavours.   Gelato Bello gelati cakes are made to order from four flavours of our Authentic Italian Ice Cream.   You can choose three of your favourite flavours which form the internal layers of the cake.  Another, fourth, flavour then coats the outside of the cake.  Gelati cakes are great for any occasion and are popular with both adults and kids.

getati cake sizes

  • 8 inch (21cm) round – serves approx 16
  • 10 inch (25cm) round – serves approx 24
  • 12 inch (30cm) round – serves approx 30
  • 13 inch (33cm) square – serves approx 54
  • 15 inch (38cm) square – serves approx 75


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