Sticky Date

Gelato maker Shane listens to what some of the younger staff call ‘really old’ music in the factory. As most of us that are in the factory are about the same vintage as Shane, it’s never really been an issue. That was until young pup Jake joined the factory team to make 500ml tubs for supermarkets. One day Shane was talking away to Jake but not really getting much back in the way of conversation, nothing back in fact. It was then he realized Jake had solved the ‘old-man’ music dilemma by sticking earphones in his ears.

Shane’s taste in food is a little like his taste in music; A lot of influences from the 60s and 70s. Enter Sticky Date gelato- a creamy, rich butterscotch milk base infused with finely blended dates to give you a gelato that we believe is an accurate deconstruction of the famous cake.

And the judges at the Adelaide Royal Show Dairy Awards thought so too.. It won a silver medal!.

Class 28 – Icecream, other than vanilla, containing less than 14% butterfat