gelato-bello-displaySince the 1996 Gelato Bello at Glynde has been the benchmark of gelato in Adelaide. It is one of those unique businesses that competitors try to copy, but for some reason are never able to emulate. Sometimes that is because of location, or price or some other unique advantage. With Gelato Bello, it simply is that smooth, creamy unmistakable taste full of intense flavours that has customers coming back again and again.

“If it’s not Gelato Bello, simply, it’s not Bello!”


Gelato Bello was conceived when its original owner returned home to Sicily. He was impressed by the quality and taste of the local gelati and decided to bring the unique flavour and texture to Australia. Using family recipes, Gelato Bello were able to create a creamy, unique base that, once combined with fresh fruit and quality ingredients and flavours, reflected the gelati quality and texture of Sicily.

Gelato Bello started with just six flavours:  Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Coffee, Hazelnut & Lemon.

Over the ensuing years we have continued to develop new flavours, but we have always maintained a focus on the quality of the creamy gelato base recipe. In time the name has changed to Gelato Bello but while new flavours may have been added, the creamy authentic texture is the same.